Varieties of cakes available online in Jaipur

Jaipur is the heart of Rajasthan and is famous for its traditional beauty, rich culture, and fascinating heritage which make it a popular tourist destination. The traditions followed here and the exotic locations also list Jaipur on top for wedding destinations. People who visit Jaipur are always raving about the rich traditional culture of the city which most often includes the food.
Rajasthan food has always been a terrific cuisine with large number of options and variety during meals. People in Jaipur or other parts of Rajasthan are known for their hearty appetite. Sometimes, people are worried that when they visit Jaipur, especially to celebrate events like weddings, they will miss out on the modern factor. One of the main concerns is cakes. But not to worry, because one can order cake online in Jaipur without hassles from many websites, such as GiftJaipur, etc.
Here are some of the varieties of cakes, you can choose from online to save you the travel and hassle of carrying cakes across from a bakery till the place you are put up. Online distributions ensure that the cake is delivered right on time.
  1. Fruit cakes
Cakes with all kinds of flavours are available online such as black forest, pineapple, butterscotch and the speciality is fruit cakes which are available in different flavours like mango, strawberry, orange, mix fruit etc. which are available for different occasions. 
  1. Cakes with flower toppings
Cakes don’t have to just be simple and tasty; they should also look good and delicious. This is taken care by the various kinds of toppings that are available online such as cakes with flower toppings, and other designs which can even be custom made according to the customer’s choice. 
  1. Cakes for occasions
All kinds of cakes are available for all kinds of occasions ranging from birthdays, weddings, showers, anniversaries, valentine’s day, kids special cakes, romantic cakes among many other varieties which can be made specially according to your taste and flavour. 
  1. Cakes with photos
To add a personal touch, you can order cakes with toppings which are unique and different. These toppings can be personalised by printing an edible photo of the person or occasion on the cake. For example, if it is a birthday, you can send a photograph of the birthday boy/girl and have the photo printed it on the cakes. 
  1. Different kinds of Shaped cakes
Cakes mostly are yummy to eat, and pretty to look at especially when they are easily available in various shapes and sizes. One can make sure to order cakes o different themes such as a cartoon character for a child’s birthday and GiftJaipur will make you cake precisely in that shape. You could do themed cakes, thanks to this facility. It could also be of many layers, if you want.
There is no hassle of finding cakes anymore in Jaipur thanks to these online options. They are very quick and reliable and always adhere to your needs and demands. The prices are affordable and the cakes taste very good as well.

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