Things you need to know about personality inventory

One of the innovation with proof based assessment that offers the best pattern to understand the behavioural traits of the individual which is required at the flexible working environment is the personality inventory. This type of test helps the employer to understand if the behavioural competencies that can actually turn down to lead the organization outcome of the interest. It is more specifically designed in gaining the access for the objective information with regards to the employee or job applicant that critically influences the behaviour at the workplace.
Background to be aware about:
If you are thinking of using personality inventory for your organization as a part of assessment, it is important that you also understand whether it is right for your company or not. A company with flexible working environment is expected to have a team of different members with different mind-sets to come and work together. Of course, not each type of behaviour may go well with one another. But you at least get an idea on which employee shall be placed in which team and how you can expect the right possible outcome from the person. That is when personality assessment can help. Before using it, make sure you understand the background and theory of this concept and how it gained the popularity.
This type of inventory was designed while considering the five factor model. It focuses on people who can be defined as the employees who are hired on the five personality traits board. Such type of test works beyond the well-established mode of the big five personality factors. The big five traits helps you predict the importance of the job associated outcome such as the potential of the person for the burnout or the job performance and even the trainability with subsequent job satisfaction.
Five factors that matters the most:
Ways to express the feelings be it cautious or curious or inventive or consistent:
  • Show the conscientiousness attitude whether the person is careless or organized or easy going for efficient
  • To show the extraversion whether the person is reserved or energetic or solitary or outgoing
  • To show the agreeableness attitude whether the person is compassionate or kind or cold or friendly in nature
  • To work on the neuroticism whether the person is confident or sensitive, nervous or secure
How the test is designed:
Such type of test consists of 80 questions with 5 points each. It is built in such way that it allows the users to customize the configuration and score to fit the specific requirements and offer the reports that are designed to facilitate the hiring decision for the organizational decision maker. The report gives a clear understand on the comparative scores of the person and is designed for any type of job role.
No doubt that it is the best platform to explore but you need to also understand that if you wish to go ahead with such option, you must learn how to make the right use of the same without any hassle.

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