Pregnancy and urine pH level test – Know the reasons why such a test is helpful

Urine pH level test is done by taking the urine sample of an individual and the main purpose of such a test is to analyze the alkalinity or the acidity level of the urine. Urine pH level test can be conducted in a simple manner and it is a painless procedure. There are a lot of things that can affect the urine pH level like some sort of illness in the body, improper diet, certain medications etc. Thus, a doctor may recommend opting for urine pH level test so that a conclusion can be drawn that how basic or acidic the urine is.

The likely indications of urine pH level test
If the pH test results are too high or too low then it indicates some sort of problem with the body. There might be kidney stones and due to that the pH levels may be imbalanced. Sometimes the doctor may suggest changing the diet and it can help in balancing the pH levels in an easy going manner. It is a good idea to opt for a test in relation to urine ph during pregnancy because it will help the doctor to get an idea about the overall health. Such a test is an indicator that what all is going on with the body.
In pregnancy certain medications are suggested for the overall wellbeing of the mother as well as the baby. But sometimes these medicines can make the urine either more acidic or more alkaline. With the help of urine pH level test the doctor will be able to understand that whether the medicines are suitable for your needs or not. In case of urinary tract infection also such a test is really helpful because by understanding the pH level the doctor will be able to suggest the best medicines.
The normal range
With the help of lab report you can come to know about the urine pH levels. Generally a neutral pH level is 7. If the number exceeds 7 then it means that the urine is more alkaline or basic in nature. If the number is less than 7 then it indicates the acidic nature of urine. On an average the urine pH test is around 6 for normal cases.
If your urine pH levels are lower, then there can be possible causes like improper diet, acidosis, dehydration, diabetes etc. If the urine pH levels are higher as compared to the normal then there can be causes like gastric suctioning, urinary tract infection, respiratory alkalosis, pyloric obstruction etc.
Some important points to note
Many women tend to have a doubt in mind that whether the acidic or basic pH levels give a hint about the gender of the child. There are gender prediction kits that measure urine pH levels but you must realize that these kits are not accurate. Urine pH level is mostly affected by the diet pattern and in does not indicate towards a specific gender. So, these types of myths should not be overanalyzed. Consult your doctor if you want to know that whether you are having a normal ph level during pregnancy or not. The lab based test will help in eliminating all the doubts.

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