The class 10th is a board class. It is an important standard for all to achieve the results. No doubt all subjects are important, but the most important is mathematics where the students find it difficult to clear the subject. This subject deals with the logical and analytical thinking of the problems than on cramming the things. To achieve the desired results, one should practice mathematics in daily routine and to achieve the desired results in the right manner. The maths study material for class 10 CBSE is available on CBSE site. The students can download the study material. The tips and tricks to achieve the desired results are

  • Practice NCERT mathematics book: half of the questions are from NCERT. Try to solve the problems and understand the concept with deep knowledge. The NCERT Mathematics book is important for the CBSE students as it is specially made for them according to CBSE guidelines. So, practice harder as much as you can do.
  • Understand the concepts: The main aim is to have clarity of the topics and need to finish up your syllabus on time from the NCERT book and if you have any doubt, you can take the help of the internet. So, you can practice more questions from different sites.
  • Make Charts: The maths subjects deals with more formulas and less theory part. It is recommended that you try to make charts, write down all the important formulas and paste in your room. Try to revise these formulas at least once in a day.
  • Proper Analysis of the exam pattern: There must be a proper analysis of the exam pattern as which chapter is having more weight and vice-versa. Also, all chapters must be once done because the question paper is just a prediction.
  • Reading of Question Paper: To attempt the maths examination, try to give 15 to 20 minutes to read the question paper and choose the questions from the options confidently. After reading, start attempting the questions with the easier ones.
  • Study smart and study hard: these two are the most important techniques or options to achieve the desired results in class 10th.
  • Use of Mnemonics: The formulas can be learned with the help of mnemonics. The students can make mnemonics for the formulas where they found difficult and it will be easy to remember the main points.
  • Short Breaks: Take short breaks while studying for the exam. It can be a sitting for 45 mins and 15 mins for a break. It depends upon your capability of how you want to take a break from your study.
Themaths worksheets for class 10 CBSE provide extra and more knowledge to students about the exam pattern. The type of questions that they will be having in the examination. The students must practice these worksheets within the time limit. When the time limit is set to solve the exams, it will help you to complete the paper on time. As said practice makes the perfect. So, try to practice the important questions, it can be from the last 10 years sample papers or it can be from the internet by using different sites.

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