How to Remain Sober in a Non-Sober House

For a recovering addict life after leaving an addiction treatment center can be very difficult. There will of course be outside influences that tempt addicts but living with non-sober people can prove to be a real challenge. Even though it’s nothing like life at an addiction treatment center it’s important for recovering addicts to have some tools to help them deal with living in a non-sober home.
Dealing with Non-Sober or Sober Housemates
Being honest is always the best bet and the sober person should let the non-sober person know that there are triggers. The non-sober individual needs to understand that though they are not an addiction treatment center their behavior can greatly affect the recovering addict. It would be a perfect world if non-sober people would quickly understand and not exhibit behaviors or habits that trigger the sober individual. Unfortunately that’s too ideal and not complete reality. For some non-sober people they believe their habits are not a problem and they shouldn’t have to stop because of the sober individual who couldn’t control their habits. A conversation needs to be had either way and some kind of respect for both should be agreed upon.
Working Your Program
Sober individuals need to insure that they are working their program, no matter what their home situation is. In fact living with non-sober people is more of a reason for them to work their program religiously. Having a strong support team to keep them on the straight and narrow is imperative. While there will be moments that the sober individual may feel weak, they should always have someone to call for support.
Keeping Active
Most addiction treatment centers incorporate activities into their programs because they understand the importance of exercise. Living with non-sober people can be detrimental if a sober person is spending a lot of time sitting around. It could also be helpful to encourage the non-sober people to go on a hike or to the gym. Getting out of the environment that negative activities take place can encourage better behavior. It can also open up dialogue that might not be heard in the home.
When Your Stuck
Sometimes getting out or going out isn’t an option and being sober and living with non-sober people doesn’t mean you can’t stay in your own place. There are plenty of ways for sober people to find positive outlets right in their own space. Meditation is an excellent way of finding balance and feeling centered. Finding something like, reading, writing poetry, or drawing can also be very cathartic. Letting the non-sober people know that your space needs to be respected when they are “partying” or displaying non-sober behaviors is also very important.
There has to be a balance for both sober and non-sober people living together. It’s most likely that the non-sober people aren’t looking to destroy all that a sober person has worked for in their recovery. As crazy as that can sound it does happen and the sober individual has to remain steadfast in their goal to remain sober. The ones who are non-sober could definitely find a way to be an excellent source of inspiration and maybe joining in the sober lifestyle.

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