How to diagnose and treat breast cancer

What is breast cancer? It is the growth of tumours in the glandular tissues of your breasts. In modern times more and more women are suffering the impact of breast cancer than before. If you go through the figures nearly 2 million are survivors of this form of cancer. The key is early detection and treatment of the cancer. This does go on to combat this form of cancer.
The reasons why women go on to develop breast cancer and why not others still happens to be a mystery till now. Though this is a disease that tends to affect young women, but women in the older age bracket of 50 years or more and prone to this disorder. The nutrition and style of your life may also have a say in the occurrence of this type of disease as well.

breast cancer

As far as the sympotms of this disorder is concernd you can hardly notice it at an initial phase. As the cancer grows women can go on to watch the changes that develop. One of the common symptoms would be a lump or an abnormal swelling in the breast. Lumps could appear under the lump or beneath the breast at the same time.  You can find some other type of symptoms like an abnormal discharge that tends to occur in the nipple or some form of changes that takes place around the breast.
Whether you need to screen or not screen would be the first thing that might strike you. You cannot say that it is not a medical problem but an economics issue as well. The cancer when detected does promise a lot of stress on the part of a patient. It does lead to occasional bouts of depression along with anger.
The main goal of breast cancer screening would be to find the cancer in the earlier stage. At this point of time medical treatment and mortability would be at its best. You can only opt for screening where the possibility of it is on the lower side as well.  Though there are various methods of screening your breasts, mammography works out to be the best among them. In some cases with dense breasts this technique may also miss a diagnosis. At that point of time you may need a MRI scan. This works out to be the best method as far as detection of cancer is concerned. But out of all the methods the doctor has a strong liking towards the method of biopsy. It is a procedure where a portion of the breast tissue is being removed. If you are exploring breast cancer treatment inIndia this works out to be the best bet.
The difficult does arise when a mammorgraph is not able to figure out what a malignant tumor is. But in most cases you figure out the depth of the problem. If it is not found you cannot say that you are free from the disease. A clinical examination would be called for.

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