Get the Power Estimate for Your Batteries and Inverter

One way to tackle the frequent power outages is to use a reliable UPS unit. Whether it is the office or the home, there is always a need for electric power always and without this power, one will only be dancing in the dark. The three options for us include use of solar power, use of DG sets and use of the inverter.

Need for an inverter

There is much work to do and to achieve this, one must use usable power or else risk damaging everything. The usable power here is alternating current. This is the type of power that all the fans, lights, motors, computers, and computer accessories work on. You can connect them to the inverter and get moving. 

The inverter converts the electric power stored in the batteries of the UPS unit to usable alternating power supply. The best inverter online is available at the leading suppliers. Log into their website and go through the various power ratings and models available. You can calculate your power needs by adding the power ratings of all the electrical devices you expect to use. If you want to use a light, a fan, and a computer for three hours then you can calculate the power rating of the inverter like this.

Calculate the power needed

If you have a 400 Watt inverter, you can run a circular saw with power rating of 1200 Watts. A microwave oven will only need 1100 Watts while the computer uses 300 Watts. To calculate the power rating of the inverter before you buy it you must do this calculation. Multiply the power consumption by the time. Say, you have a 35 Watt television and you intend to use it for 3 hours, then the power you need from your inverter is 3 x 35 = 105 Watts.
Do this for all the electrical appliances in the house. Then, add them up to get the power that the inverter will need.
2 x 30 (light bulbs) = 60 W
3 x 300 (computer) = 900 W
Total power the inverter must have = 60 + 900 = 960 Watts.
You have to multiply this by the power factor. It means you will draw more power than the actual rating. You can take this to be 0.8 and so we get 960 / 0.8 = 1200 Watts or buy one 2 kW inverter. The best buy inverter for your home is this.

Choose the right batteries

You need the batteries to store this power. For this, you must look at the ampere hours of the battery.  A battery rated 120 ampere hours should give you 120 DC amps for one hour. But, if you drain your battery to less than 50% of its power, then you might damage the battery. So, you can expect to get 120 DC amps for 30 minutes.
Now, you have an idea of what to do to get the figure for your inverter. Your supplier will give you more details but this calculation will tell you if you are on the right track or not.

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