Galaxy S5 unlock methods, how many are there exactly?

Unlocking your smartphone has become a very common thing and there are numerous ways you could do it. A majority of these processes can be used either hardware or software changes imparted to the phone and most of the time they can be very bad for your phone. There is a high probability that your device might not even work after the changes made to the unlock status. So what exactly is the best method you might ask?

Using the unlock codes provided by the manufacturer and using a service which specialises in unlocking smartphones, you can get rid of the unwanted carrier lock; without harming the phone in any way shape or form. In order to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 at&t that you currently have, the best way to go about it is using this method as it does not even require any software change. All it does is change the status of the device that the carrier has imposed.

Galaxy S5 unlock

But what exactly are locked phones and why is unlocking so common?

When phones are released, they come for a premium price tag, one which many people cannot simply commit readily. It becomes a very important business decision, no matter how lucrative the device is. The best way some people think is through contracts offered by networks and mobile carriers. This allows you to take the device home almost instantly and you simply have to pay a small amount every month. The duration is dependent on the plan you pick, but given the fact that you are likely to forget the small amount that gets cut, most of the plans last for a year or two.

The carriers also bundle in a plan, which is either promoting a new offer or adds extra features which you are more than likely to never use. Mobile carriers also do not allow you to switch to any network during the course of the contract and the plan you are on is also equally hard to switch to. Put simply, you are not in control of the network you get or the plan you use when you purchase a new smartphone through contract. This all leads to frustrating times during your contract and the carrier will not remove the lock even after the contract period expires. This leads to people turning to third party help and experts who can unlock your device.

What does it take to unlock?

Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 is very simple, you will first need to get details such as IMEI number, your device number, the manufacturer details, and the information about the carrier. Once you have all these you can use a code generator to get unlock codes for your particular phone. The tricky part is using the code to actually break the lock, for this it is best to approach a company which does it for a fee. Your phone will be usable on any network almost immediately and for a small cost, all of which will be worth it once you avail the full advantages of unlocking.

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