Bring a change in your Campaign for Better Outcomes

If you want to reach out to a bigger audience and make a great impact then you must think of a campaign. You have to do marketing complain and there you can take help of SMS. There are different types of SMS services and options that can enhance your marketing campaign.

You can use the method of Sms to google spreadsheet or other options as per your convenience. But make sure that your SMS is powerful, effective and impactful. There are many things that businessmen fail to realize when they use SMS campaigns. Well, a few of the things that you have to be careful about are as under:

Completeness of texts
Many people, in a hurry to send those 160 characters of SMS, fail to complete the message. The point is that the text message would not be influential unless it is effective.  There has to be CTA call to action factor in your test. Make sure that you have dropped a link or number for the readers to proceed. Of course, such things do engage the customers and they know what they have to do next. What is the point if your text has an exciting message about the offers but there is no information about how to avail them? Such a thing would be half-cooked and might end up in the trash.

How many times you will send the text?
It is not just about the content of the text but about the ways, it is used too. You have to make sure that the texts are sending in the most effective manner. These should not become an annoyance for the readers. It would be good if you send your message only once in a while. There is no point of sending the same message twice or thrice a day. It will irritate the readers. Moreover, if you are trying to be over smart by conveying the same message through different sets of words then too caution. The readers are not fools.  The point is that if you are sending a message related to your new discounts, make sure that the topic related text is sent only once in a day.

Moreover, if you have conducted any campaigns in the past then it is time to learn from that. Make sure that you have an idea about what your mistakes were in the previous effort and hence improve them in the current or upcoming campaign. For example, pick a time of the day when the possibility of the readers to respond is high. Make sure that you are not sending messages at an odd hour. Of course, it won’t be bad but not effective too. The reader might not be in a mood take an action at 2am right?  On the other hand, if you are sending the text on a Sunday noon, you might get a good response because people are mostly resting and exploring their mobile and other things.


So, grab your excel SMS app and get started with SMS campaign to take your company to next heights.

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