Benefits of outdoor security camera systems

The installation of an exterior surveillance system presents challenges that are not found when configuring a system of interior security cameras since it requires taking a series of factors into consideration such as weather, variable lighting conditions, and vandalism or handling problems.  With today’s outdoor security camera systems, addressing the challenges of installing outdoor weather cameras is not a problem thanks to the technologies that prevent some of the problems that may arise when a surveillance system is installed for fresh air.

If a security system based on IP cameras is going to be exposed to the outdoors or to an industrial environment, an external housing is necessary to provide protection. There are norms that specify the degree of protection to the environment provided by the covers, two digits preceded by the letters IP define the classification of the level of protection, those cataloged with “IP 66” or more are preferable.

The weatherproof housings protect the camera from extreme temperatures, winds, humidity, dust, rain and vibrations. When installing a security camera in hostile environments, select a device that offers high quality performance regardless of external conditions.

The external chambers must be able to adapt to sudden changes in lighting. Since outdoor lighting conditions are generally unstable, outdoor cameras have to be able to adapt to everything from high-contrast flashes and direct sunlight conditions to shadows, gray skies with clouds, and the full range of situations of intermediate lighting. Most outdoor cameras nowadays use automatic iris lenses that adjust to daylight changes throughout the day. Many of the exterior surveillance systems are based on IP security cameras that work in the dark, such as cameras with infrared that can capture images even in complete darkness.

Anti-vandal cases help protect security cameras that operate outdoors, have designs resistant to destruction attempts that are ideal for certain places exposed to vandalism. Anti-vandalism functionalities also detect tampering attempts by alerting surveillance operators when a video channel has been blocked or interrupted.

Benefits of outdoor security camera systems:

You can see everything that happens in real time- so you do not find yourself at home, if you have a security camera installed, you can configure your mobile device or Smartphone to see in real time what is happening.

Provides greater security- to have a security camera installed in a visible place, the person who has any intention of committing a criminal act will feel limited and often desist from trying to enter the house.

They allow to be integrated with alarm systems: in the case where the mere presence of the camera does not succeed in persuading the offender, the integrated alarm systems will allow the authorities to be called immediately and the videos that have been recovered can serve as evidence against criminals.

Cost reduction: installing outdoor security camera systems in the long term, is much cheaper than hiring a security guard or guardian, and it is more effective because it lacks the typical human error that can always occur.

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