3 Simple and Super effective web design tips for increased traffic, and profitability for your ecommerce business!

Nearly 80% of the visitors leave a website landing page within the first few seconds.

Well, what makes them leave?

You see, e-commerce has become a highly competitive industry with thousands of businesses, competing each other for customers’ loyalty, and visitors know this. With so much choices to spoil, customers are looking for nothing but the best to make the deal.

How to lower the bounce rate on your web design?

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of customers’ leaving your website within first few seconds of their landing. The bounce rate of your website is determined by various factors, including the demography and target audience you are dealing with.

For instance, customers in Auckland highly favor, and support local businesses. So, for a web design Auckland, you should incorporate elements, and contents that show your local presence, and bond with the local community.

What are the important elements of a web design?

Well, as we said, there are various elements, and variables, which together form an aesthetic and appealing web design. These variables vary from market to market and you can’t generalize them all. However, we are going to list few essential elements that can help you lower your bounce rate, and increase conversion optimization for your website.

  •  Websites just don’t happen – You go to plan

Well, you just can’t one day decide to make a web design for some random stuff and hope things will work out for you. No, this isn’t going to happen. You got to have a definite plan regarding each and every aspect of your e-commerce business (web design is just one important part of that plan).
You got to integrate various elements in your plan including demography, targeted audience, web design, content, marketing medium, among various others to be able to seriously make any progress.

  • Items that detract value from your web design:

Most of the time a neat, clean and precise web design is what we call an ideal web design. There are certain elements which actually hampers your web design, and suppress the message conveyed over it.
For instance, excessive animations, long stretchy content, and stock images can seriously devalue your web design, and increase the bounce rates. Just imagine, when you have just a few seconds to impress the visitor, will you rely on flashy animations, stock photos, or will you try to deliver the real punch straight away?

  • The Social media traffic:

Well, social media platforms generate huge volumes of traffic to benefit from. Ideally, the traffic from social media platforms is also more prone to actually make a transaction (the only reason for your website design). So, if your web design is missing on popular social media platforms, make sure you add up quickly.

Some time back I was visiting my old colleague, who now works in some web design Auckland agency, and as we were discussing random web design stuff he happens to stress the importance of social media presence for an effective, and practical web design. According to him, social media platforms are a great source to generate organic, and highly targeted traffic, provided you are able to market them rightly, it could add significantly to overall traffic and revenue generation.

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