Youtube views-why is it the most important statistics?

When a video is being posted on Youtube by a creator, his/her main concern is the “views” they are getting on their video. So views are basically, the number of people who have watched your video and more precisely your audience. What happens when you go to watch a concert, let’s suppose a paid concert? There are some people who are highly interested in the “concert” while others are just there to hang out, but in any case, “audience” is being attracted. The same happens with youtube videos. There some viewers who will be actually interested in your videos while there will be some who will just open and close your video. In any case you have increased the number of views on your video. To increase the views you can also take help of social media platforms like facebook and use fblinker youtubeto link your youtube with your facebook profile. By this your video is being shared and watched by more number of people.

Youtube works by the views on your video. The most amazing thing youtube has is “trending videos”. A video become trending by the number of views and likes (sometimes) it is getting. According to that you get ranking as “#(number) trending”, and it does matters a lot, because if your video is in trending for a lot of time, it gets into the “search engine” of youtube and google and even gets a good rank there. If youtube videos views do not matter to you then you must have uploaded it for your family and friends but if it is your business then it does matters a lot as youtube also pays by the number of views you have (although it does also matters by your subscribers).
To increase the number of views on your video you just need to follow some easy steps:

  •       Have catchy custom thumbnails with amazing images, keywords from your video. This means your video should look attractive even by its “cover page” that is its thumbnail so that viewers get curious to see your video.
  •       Have short introduction as no one wants to see a boring introduction. As it is said “something that starts good ends good”. This is what viewers have in mind. If your video has a good starting it will keep your viewers to watch your video till the end.
  •       Give features as fblinker online free. This means that your youtube videos are linked to your facebook profile. So your friends and followers there also get to know about your video. So you ought to get more views on your videos.
  •       Collaborations with different youtube creators can also help you increase views on your videos. There might be some people who might want to see the other person with whom you have collaborated. So in that case to get to have more views on your videos.

With these easy ways you can increase a lot many views on your video and give your channel a boost.

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