The choice of a knee surgeon

It is quite possible that you would have thought of a knee surgery to get rid of the pain along with the discomfort of your knees. The choice of the best knee surgeon in India comes to your rescue at this point of time. It is prudent on your part to choose the right knee surgeon so that the pain is reduced and you do recover faster as well. The choice of a knee surgeon is not as easy as it looks and there are several points that you would need to keep in mind.

Discuss the issues with your family doctor first and foremost

The primary doctor is aware of the number of quality knee surgeons in your area. Ideally you can ask them about the best surgeons and then make a final choice based on the fact on what suits you best. It depends on your individual requirements as well.


Do go on to review the education of the surgeons. Explore the areas they have gone on to study and cross check the fact whether they are board certified or not.

Do discuss with your friends and family

You could ask your friends about the local surgeon they had gone on to consult when they faced a problem. For sure this is going to provide you first-hand information about the surgeon that you are looking at.


What is the duration of time the surgeon has been in this line of business? Till now how many patients they have gone on treat? Whether the procedure you are looking at is performed by the surgeon or not? The moment you pose these questions you can figure out the experience along with the skill sets of the surgeon.

Check online

You can go on to verify about the credentials of the surgeon online. Do go on to check the disciplinary record of the surgeon to cross check the fact whether their history is safe.

Prepare a list of questions

The moment you are about to visit a surgeon you would need to keep a list of questions handy. Quiet often patients tend to be a bit sceptical when it comes to asking questions about the experience and the skills of the surgeon. If they are a good surgeon they would take all the time in the world to answer your questions in a friendly manner. What it does take into consideration is that the patients are aware of the risks associated with the procedure.

It is always better to look at a second opinion

If they are a good knee surgeon for sure they would have no qualms if you are going to seek a second opinion. They would ideally want such a situation so that you are at ease as far as surgical procedures are concerned. It is always suggested that you do get the best opinion from a surgeon who is practicing in a different hospital.

To conclude, if you do follow the above tips you can catch hold of the best knee surgeon.

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