Strategies to Crack JEE Main

Many students appear in JEE test every single year and only some of them make it through successfully. If you see yourself on the other side of victory, you have to roll up your sleeves for strong preparation. Your preparation will enable you to give in the best performance.

If you find that the material is mostly available in English and you are a Hindi medium student; don’t panic. There is Complete JEE main advanced in Hindi out there that would empower you to perform well in the test. There is nothing that you cannot achieve with your dedication, hard work and persistence. Do look for the material in your preferred language and don’t allow the language barriers to come in between.

Time management
No matter what your intelligence level is or how well you are at preparing, you have to make a time management. It is the biggest problem with many of the aspirants. You need to keep next day planned before you hit the sack and set targets for the week. You might include hourly deadlines for revision, homework, breaks, exam dates and even the weekly targets.Once you have a pattern of timing, you would be able to perform in a much more effective manner. If you are taking coaching, include that in your timing too. The more you work on your time management during preparation for JEE test, the better you can prepare.

Don’t get tempted by shortcuts
When you do study for the test, you are going to come across various types of shortcuts. You may forget the original methods.  There are rare chances that such shortcuts work in JEE test. For any important concept  don’t rely on the shortcuts. These shortcuts can end up in an end alley.  If you have a proper procedure of solving a question or concept; do stick to it.  There is no need to get distracted by the shortcuts. Shortcuts are like guesswork, sometimes they work and sometimes not. You cannot afford to take a chance with your JEE mains.

Don’t keep your doubts to you
If you are one of those individuals who keep their doubts to themselves then it might hit you hard.  It is important to clarify your doubts from your teacher, mentor, coaching professional and friends and get the clarity where you find the difficulties. You might end up knowing the better strategy &manner of thinking. There is nothing wrong in talking to your coaching mentor or friend about the doubts you have.

Work on your mind
When you work on your mind, you do end up with better performance and outcomes. You must try to do as many calculations in your mind as possible. Sometimes to write on paper takes much time. If you do practice calculations in mind, you will eventually solve easy questions that too without touching your pen.  It would save bounty of your time during performance.


Thus, take online coaching for JEE main in Hindi and practice these discussed things for a fulfilling performance in the JEE test.

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