SEO 2018: Know the latest trends

No business in today’s modern digital world should limit their advertising methods to just the age old practiced flexes and pamphlets. They are to create well developed websites that will have all the necessary information to be provided to those who seek it. But it is noticed that although websites are developed by organizations in every category, most of them are not able to do well in the leading search engine rankings.

About Google

Google is one of the most important search engines that are used by majority of the web surfers from all over the world looking for various types of valuable information. Google can be termed to be a shrewd analyser. It needs to be updated regularly with new trends. If the website is found to perform abysmally, then it is quite likely that it has not complied properly with the current SEO trends. The era of Penguin and Panda no more exists. Humming Bird has emerged and hence, the site needs to be prepared to comply with changing industry trends.

Some useful seo trends to follow to avail optimum SERP rankings

  • Redirect again, but in picture: Previously, ‘Redirect’ meant seo leaks. However, with changing requirements, these are once again being used. Google had recently announced that ‘Redirects’ no longer will contribute towards SEO leaks. This means, all sites will be able to make use of 3xx redirects for website ranking without any issue.
  • Google AMP: Google has taken a new initiative Accelerated Mobile Pages Project for developing a better and user friendly website. According to this trend, the simpler and lighter HTML version is in huge demand. The slow loading web pages are found to eat away the traffic. With the introduction of the AMP, it has been successful enough to dominate SEO realms. When compared to regular web pages, AMP pages are able to load at least 30 times much faster. It needs to be adjusted to get optimum results.
  • Quality content: Previously, keywords were mainly focused upon by Google. But changing trends has made it compulsory to come up with quality contents. This means non-promotional and informative contents. Content generation strategy does require complete revamp and quality compliant delivery is to be focused upon more, when compared to those keyword stuffed garbage.
  • Social media redirection: With social media becoming an important branding platform, the website can be ranked by Google if it does well on the leading social media platforms. The website needs to be linked with G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Only then can the person enjoy real time benefits. With more reviews about the site and likes on social media, the chances to direct traffic towards the site are likely to increase manifolds.

The above tips are to be kept in mind when planning SEO for the business, so that better and higher site rankings can be enjoyed on the leading SERP pages. Contacting the professional seo company in India is the best option as they can provide right guidance.

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