Pregnancy along with high blood pressure the basic facts

Blood pressure and pregnancy is not at all a dangerous combination. Pregnant blood pressure medicine would offer you considerable relief from the same. But you need to take care of yourself along with the developing baby. If you are suffering from hypertension during pregnancy you would need close monitoring.

The problems with high blood pressure when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy along with high blood pressure

When you suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy it can lead to considerable risks. They include
  •        Decrease in the flow of blood to the placenta- if the placenta lacks in the supply of blood, the baby is going to receive less nutrients along with oxygen. This could be a strong stepping stone towards premature baby. If a premature baby occurs it could lead to an increase in infection along with a host of complications for a developing baby

  •       Placental abruption- preeclampsia, may lead to a condition where the inner wall of the uterus could be separated before delivery. If the abruption is severe it could lead to increase in bleeding that could pose a life threatening situation for both the mother along with the baby

  •       Premature delivery- In certain cases an early delivery is called for to prevent any life threatening complications that could arise during the period of delivery

  •       Injury to other internal organs- if the hypertension is not controlled in a proper manner it could lead to an injury of brain , lungs, liver along with other organs. In some cases it does pose to be a life threatening issue

Would it be safe to opt for pregnant blood pressure medicine when you are pregnant?
There are some medicines that are considered to be safe to use during pregnancy, but it is better to avoid ACE or receptor blockers when you are pregnant. Though treatment is of paramount importance. High blood increases the risk of heart attack or fatal complications. It could pose a lot of danger for the baby.

If indeed medication is needed to combat the issue of blood pressure, the health care provider would subscribe the safest form of medicine whereby the dose is important. The medication has to be taken as per the dose prescribed. Do not commit the mistake of altering or changing the dose as per your own needs.

What needs to be done so that you prepare for pregnancy?

If you have high blood pressure before pregnancy schedules an appointment with your doctor before pre conception. Meet other members of the health care team like a doctor or a cardiologist. They are going to monitor your blood pressure and suggest any changes to cope up with the symptom before pregnancy.

In case if you happen to be overweight the doctor may suggest shedding down those extra kilos before you are pregnant.

Once you are pregnant you will meet your doctor very often. During each visit they are going to check your blood pressure and weight. In addition you might need to be part of urine or blood tests.

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