Norton internet security support

Norton antivirus products provide protection from all kinds of threats that may damage the files and the system. All the packages of the company provide good protection to the system and users can purchase any one of them for Norton internet security support.

Antivirus protection

All the packages of the software provide protection against malware, malicious attachments in the email, spam messages, and online threats. There are browser extensions available for different which the users can use to protect the system from various kinds of attack. The packages come with malware engine that checks all kinds of malware attack. The suspicious files are sent to the Norton labs for analysis. The software can also scan USB drives but the checking does not start automatically. Users have to manually do the task.

Security and Safety Features

All the products include ID safe password manager. They also come with Silent mode that suppresses updates, popups, and other kinds of interruptions. Norton internet securitysupport is also found in all the packages as users can install extensions for the browsers.
The standard, deluxe, and premium versions come with two-way firewall and optimization features. The deluxe one comes with LifeLock identity protection while the premium one comes with backup feature, parental control, and many other features.

System impact

When Norton products came onto the market, they were very heavy and even led to system crashing. But now the products come with the same features but are light in weight and have less impact on the system performance. The test conducted on the premium version showed that when the system was scanned for the first time, it took more than one hour to scan the whole system. But when the scan was done for the second time, it took only 13 minutes to scan the whole system as the software has the capability of detecting what to scan and what to ignore.


The interface of the software shows that everything on the system is protected. Along with this, the software also tells about the number of licenses remaining and time when the system was last scanned. There are many links on the interface, which lets the users go to other options of the software. This link includes types of scans, performance, and online safety, backup. If the user opts for quick scan, then he will see one screen and for full scan, he sees two screens. Users can also take the help of Norton internet security support if they face any problem regarding the software.

Wrapping Up

Norton Antivirus software comes with many options, which the users can use to protect the system. Along with protection, backing up the files and storing them on cloud can also be done. Though there is an impact on system performance but still the company tries to do everything to make the customer happy.

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