A baby in an artificial womb from conception till the time of birth

For a first time mother or dad they are excited about the first steps that a baby is talking. In the domain of biotechnology baby steps are happening and for sure this is going to have an impact on the way babies tend to perceive themselves.
Heart lung machine is something that all of you would have heard off. It aids to cardiopulmonary bypass. With the help of CPB surgeons use to keep the patients alive when the blood vessels are disconnected. Instead of the heart of a patient, this instrument is known to pump blood throughout the body. Instead of the lungs of a patient, this instrument goes on to add oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the blood.
This concept has been there since 1950’s but the technology that goes on to replicate the lungs of patients has started recently. New devices have gone to emerge which helps the patient to breathe through a procedure known as ECMO. In crucial situations it could act as a substitute for your lung. For example when the lungs of a patient simply fail and to remove a patient from CPB which works out to be a major heart operation. This could also be a patient who is waiting for their turn of heart surgery.
ECMO could also run on to a machine so that it helps premature babies by an artificial placenta. As far as the natural placenta is concerned it goes on to connect the blood circulation of the mother to that of the baby. This entire process does pass through the placenta. To the fetus the placenta is connected by the umbilical cord. This when stops during the time of birth, the new born has to depend on their own lungs. This tends to be a problem if the baby happens to be a premature one which means that the lungs are not developed so that they cannot support any life. If the lungs could go on to support the foetus it works out to be a worthy option. Otherwise it is not going to be a worthy option at all. Usually medications are being incorporated into the lungs of a new born and this is right after birth. The survival or gestational drops as the survival rate drops down.
It has to be stated that the ECMO is the stepping stone to an artificial womb or placenta. The role of a real placenta happens to be much more that providing a foetus with a fresh stock of blood oxygenated cells. Though it is a baby step it could go on to change the strategy very fast as well. It is not only that the lungs tend to mature faster with the use of ventilators the artificial placenta is going to allow the doctors to deflate the placenta. The circulation is going to be the same as if an artificial womb baby born is going to happen.  This is going to reduce the survival frequency

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